Frequently Asked Questions

What is Convert Tool?

Convert Tool is an online script editor,beautifier.minifier,converter of JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, RSS etc, Data Convertor, String/Number Functionalities.

Are there any memory or time constraints for the submitted programs?

Yes, they are as follows: beautify time: 5 seconds, minify time: 5 seconds

Can I write or read files in my program?

You can read existing files but you can't read file if registered user files.without login you must create new file every time.For login user can write,create,update his files.

What is the size limit for the source code, input and output?

1 MB. For better performance data size should be upto 100KB

What encoding is used in the source code and in the input stream?


My program seems to have a correct syntax. Why does it fail to compile?

Be sure to write code follow particular rules for language.

What should I do when I get internal error?

Resubmit your code once or twice. If that doesn't help please contact us.

What is the data storage policy / privacy policy?

When user clicks on Save button, we store data in database. We dont store any data unless User click on Save button.
i.e if user is copy xml data in Xml Viewer, for xml to json conversion, we dont store any data in this process. If user want to save this data, user can click on Save button.

What is a link and what characters are allowed for the link?

Link is a part of the address to a site created by publishing a label. Allowed characters for the link are (without [ and ]): [a-z0-9_-]