Online Best tools to Encode / Decode of URL, HTML, BASE64, UTF8 etc

The tool will endcoding and decoding of diffrent formats.

Encoding is the process of translating data between two formats according to a set of rules or a formula. For example, you can encode "abc" to "ABC" using lowercase-to-uppercase rules. Decoding is the inverse process. You can decode "ABC" to "abc" using the same set of rules. There are many different applications for data encoding and decoding. Encryption, for example, is a form of encoding that uses a key. Without the key, the encoded data can't be decoded. Video data is encoded to make it smaller so that high-definition streams of video can be viewed over the Internet.

Here we are provide Encoder and Decoder of URL, HTML, BASE64, BASE32, BASE58, UTF8, UTF16, ROT13, ROT47, IND etc